Women’s Leadership Summit (WLS)

Advancing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Women from across the country come together each year Women’s Leadership Summit presented by October Research, LLC.

Built around the four diamonds – Develop, Grow, Support and Empower – the Women’s Leadership Summit provides attendees with the opportunity to design their personal journey in a fun and supportive environment.

Whether seeking to connect with like-minded individuals, or to take their professional career to the next level, attendees will be provided with the tools for success.

“The networking at WLS is unique and unparalleled. Having key decision makers all together in one place really helped concentrate my prospecting efforts. Last year, I made the most of the opportunity and invited a group to a working dinner. The business relationships formed that night endure. Women leaders are creating an apparatus that augments and facilitates getting business done together. The cost of attendance more than pays for itself.”

WLS Attendee

“Great uplifting conference – that as a woman is very needed in today’s society of corporate America.”

WLS Attendee

“I’m so glad I went to WLS2022. It was all I was hoping for and more. To realize that I’m not the only woman in title that has these struggles and/or mindset was invaluable. It really was the catalyst to keep charging ahead in my career. Meeting other women in my industry who I can have conversations with, not only about the business, but about how they got to where they are today is inspiring. I plan to nurture these new relationships to build my network and create a support system within the industry for all of us.”

WLS Attendee

“This was so positive. Everyone I spoke to was open and excited to speak to me. That’s not always the case at big conferences.”

WLS Attendee

“The Women’s Leadership Summit brought a dynamic group of women together to share stories of success and different perspectives on the path to being a stronger leader for yourself, your company and the industry as a whole. For me it was very meaningful.”

WLS Attendee


Develop to your full potential


Grow your opportunities


Build your support network


Empower yourself to achieve your goals